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~We are a Photomanipulation Group~

~We also accept Stock, Airbrushing and 3-D Artwork~

Want to see your contest in our journal?

:bulletblack: Send us a note with a link to your contest journal.
Contest must be for photomanipulation, 3D, Painting and Airbrushing, or Stock related.

:bulletred: Any disrespect or rudeness toward the staff here will result in being banned from the group without notice.


How Our Gallery Works:

:bulletpurple: 4 deviations per folder/day to manip folders.
:bulletpurple: 10 deviations per folder/day to Tutorials.
:bulletpurple: Always submit your image to the correct corresponding folder. If your image is catagorized: Photomanipulation > Fantasy, it should go to our Fantasy folder etc.
:bulletpurple: All images catagorized as Digital Art > Painting and Airbrushing should be submitted to the appropriate group Paint and Airbrush folder.
:bulletpurple: No Featured submissions, staff will choose them.
Folder Submissions How To Guide

How Our Favorites Work:

:bulletpurple: Favorites are for Stock only.
:bulletpurple: 10 deviations per folder/day.
:bulletpurple: Blog Entry on Favorites

Rules & Regulations:

:bulletblue: Stock must be credited, preferrably with a clickable link to the stock provider or the stock image. (In the image description.)
:bulletblue: All off-site stock must be credited with direct links to the stock itself.
:bulletblue: Stock must be listed even if it is your own.
:bulletblue: 3D images should contain a program reference.
:bulletblue: Fan Art should include some sort of reference and may not be available as a print. Fan Art FAQ
:bulletblue: Images containing copyrighted content categorized as manipulation will be declined. Ex. Celebrities, movie characters, screenshots etc. DeviantART Copyright Policy

We will decline an image because of:

:bulletred: Lack of or improperly stated credits. You must state if the stocks used are your own.
:bulletred: Offensive content
:bulletred: Submission to the wrong folder
:bulletred: Deviation does not meet quality standard
:bulletred: Fan art contains an uncredited celebrity image.
:bulletred: Deiviation is a different colored duplicate of another image.
:bulletred: Nudity for the sake of nudity; Blantant or non-artistic nudity.
:bulletred: No 'before and after' retouches please.
:bulletred: No vector images.
:bulletred: No traditional art. Sketches, Painting, Artisan Crafts, Photography, etc.
(Rules regarding quality standards, offensive content, and nudity will be enforced at the discretion of the staff.)

What do you look for in a join request?

:bulletyellow: Properly stated credits on every deviation.
:bulletyellow: Images that are of intermediate level or above.

Because this is a group for learning and growing we will try our very best to let you know true reasons why your image or join request was declined, you will never get an evasive answer.

Also, it is our plan to allow members to submit to our blog information about Photoshop and techniques that they find useful.

If you have any questions or suggestions on something for the group or a blog topic that you would like to see, please notify thy-darkest-hour or any of our contributors by whatever means you like.

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Paint and Airbrush - Animals and Still Life
Paint and Airbrush - Miscellaneous
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Random from Favourites

Favorites - Featured represents the best of the best from our wonderful stock department.

Group Info

We here look foward to being a much more personal group that wants to get to know its members and provide helpful information and tutorials as no one is ever done improving!

So, interested in manipulations? Well, we're interested in you and seeing what you're capable of! We're open to all types of manipulations as well as manipulated stock and are open to all of your wonderful suggestions!

If you have ideas about things for the group or things we should do, let us know, we're more than interested to hear what you have to say.

Because this is a group for learning, growing, and becoming better manipulators, if your work is declined, you will always know why, specifically why without ever having to ask us.
Founded 3 Years ago
Apr 10, 2011


Group Focus
Art Creation

Media Type
Digital Media

1,415 Members
1,362 Watchers
39,707 Pageviews
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The Voice of Manipulation Update

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 22, 2014, 9:11 PM
HI guys,

I know I have been very inactive with this project, and I feel it's time to come clean about the difficulties I have been having with this project. 

Technical Issues

The first issue I was having is with recording the videos. The camera I was using is my bf's dad's camera. He won't borrow it to me unless my bf shoots the video. This created a very big problem. My bf is a bio-informatician and is busy doing his phd in Bio-Informatics. So he is very busy and in the lab at all hours of the day. THe times that I am available to shoot the video is unfortunately when he works the most.

Then if we do get the video shot, I did all the editing myself. I am not yet very good with it, so it's takes me at least 13 hours to edit the entire episode. I have a day job (8 to 5) and I only have evenings to do it. It caused me to get behind with a lot of my other stuff and eventually just caused too much stress. 

Editor Wanted

I'm not going to take on editing the videos at this stage again, I don't want to get into too much stress again. There for I decided that if I can get an editor to edit the videos for me, I will go through the issue of getting it shot. Thing is if there's only that to stress about, it's not so bad. I won't be able to pay you, so please only offer to do this for me if you are willing to only do it as a staff member of TVOM. If I do eventually create a revenue from the project (and there's a lot of potential for that), the editor will join in the profits. 

Temporary Resolve

I don't want to stop doing the awesome work we were doing, so for now I am just going to do a weekly feature via journal. I know that defeats the purpose of the show, but for now this is the best I can offer. I know there's still some contest winners who was promised to be featured on the video. I promise to feature those on a special episode once we have the videos running again. But for now I am just going to feature them here. I really hope y'all understand my situation!!!




1st TheEndOfHerJourney by VertigoEBC 2nd The Skull Island by Dani-Owergoor 3rd Journey to the Hero's City by CaoChiNhan 4th Beneath the Tulips by kuschelirmel


1st Wide Awake by GregoryNicolas 2nd Journey to an Unknown Place by itznikki530 3rd Temple Of The Dragons by Sandra-Cristhina 4th A Beautiful Evening by ZedLord-Art


1st Journey to the Unknown by A-Wakefield 2nd From Darkness to the Light by Elsapret 3rd Journey to the Unknown by annemaria48 4th Flying in colors by sarmaluta

Honorable Mentions

Wadan Wraelclastas by erimu A Rabbit's Encounter by Shirokibo Dreamland by aunx-fs The Gate by NTGreen My World by xXDJGirlfrienXx Whisper to the heavens by StarsColdNight New Directions by theheek Journey to Unknown Place by SignHermitCrab 

1st On a foggy day by torobala 2nd Crossing Borders by Nelleke 3rd Forest 28 by Octo-pus

Runners Up

Ghost of the Past (self-portrait) by anietaralom Alone and Group by jarda13 Nebelmenschen II by Zouberi

Honorable Mentions

Unknown is calling by starykocur Entrance by wiebkerost No Return by Schnitzelyne I think You should go by firepaved Der Wanderer und der Nebel by DavidSchermann 


Noah's SongI dwell below the blue, always watching, always waiting for a sailor's soul. They drift on high in vessels they think will float forever. It amuses me so- to see their determination, their will to live at sea. Every so often I stay beneath the surface and spare them my wrath, but only for those with a true respect for my home.
The ocean.
This swirling pool of cerulean. This sapphire lifeblood of the lower world, a world so wholly unknown.
I spread my wings and glide. I stay submerged and play with phosphoresce, guiding them with my fingertips. They swarm me; illuminate me, making me look like a true sea nymph. Ethereal, beautiful, bright like the sun with my wings spread wide and shining.
I can hear it in the distance- a ship holding what I need. Licking my lips, I close my eyes and break through the swell. The air is crisp and ridden with salt, the breeze light and playful. The moon is high and full. It’s a perfect night for a feast.
So I swim, stretching my legs before finding
 2nd  Lady Luck      “When will the engines be back up?” The familiar voice and scent of ashes wafts in my general direction as I work on the delicate task of calibrating the ship’s engines. 
    “A few hours, Sam,” I say without looking up. Sam’s head appears in front of mine as she lays half in the engine cavity of the ship. Her blue eyes twinkle with mischief as her unruly black curls try to defy gravity. She’s gone and done something again. Some days I don’t even know why I hired her. Well, I didn’t know she was a girl and I sure as hell didn’t know she has a penchant for trouble.
    “Damn it, Ari, can’t you get them back online sooner?” She pouts as she pulls a cigarette from the pocket of her jacket and lights it.  She always wears men’s clothing, never skirts, or even anything that’s slightly feminine. The whole universe will
 3rd Daughter Of A Sea God by AngelaJenkinson

Honorable Mentions

A Siren's SorrowA/N The actual entry for the dA contest. There is a oneshot companion that goes along with it.
A Tale of the Siren Song
Day after day, year after year. Why must I keep doing this? I drowned at sea, so why am I not with the lord of the dead, Hades? I stay in the world of the living, as a being sent to bring evil and sorrow. I am a wicked person, to keep doing this, and not fight back. But I know nothing, not how this came to be, nor how I can reverse it. So I must go on.
Being evil is an easy thing. I simply open my mouth, and let the air out, and they flock to the island. I then allow myself to feed, along with my sisters. It’s true, I am not alone. But they have been here far longer than I. They don’t remember their human lives and they feel pleasure in their simple depravity, while I feel remorse every time that I indulge and allow my new self to show through.
I remember that my name used to be Lachesis. That I was the daughter of a good, respectable tailor. He gave me a


1st Fishing by Cold-Tommy-Gin 2nd The Naiads by Ellyevans679 3rd .::Music of the Sea::. by CreamymagiqueDigital

Honorable Mentions

A Siren's Song by SignHermitCrab

1st The Tarts Of The Queen by Wimmeke63 2nd Nobody steals my tarts by PriscillaSantana 3rd The knave of hearts stole the tarts by Kylee-DC

1st MAYDAY by peroni68 2nd In Space by Wesley-Souza 3rd Dome by Dani-Owergoor

Honorable Mentions

SUPER NOVA by CaoChiNhan The great escape by maiaschka Farewell by vs3a 

1st Why I Draw by radioactiveroach 2nd  ACG Contest: Why Do You Do What You Do? EntryTormented by what I’ve left unsaid,
I can only voice through this page
These thoughts dancing in my head.
I spend my nights awake in bed
Trapped within an unseen cage,
Tormented by what I’ve left unsaid.
At times it feels like my world is dead,
Writing is the only thing that can engage
These thoughts dancing in my head.
Other people’s judgement I dread
Against their hate I silently rage,
Tormented by what I’ve left unsaid.
On these pages my soul is fed
I’m an actor, the paper is my stage,
These thoughts dancing in my head.
This ink flows, from my veins it’s bled,
My aching soul the letters assuage.
Tormented by what I’ve left unsaid,
These thoughts dancing in my head.
 3rd Adorable Cafe (Complete) by Vissyscrafts

Congratulations to all the winners. 
The first journal version of TVOM will be out soon!!

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast
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